LA Film, TV, & Webisode Festival
(Formally Known as The Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival)

Award Winners



Best Film Awards

Best Feature – Silver Case, directed by Christian Filippella

Best TV Pilot – Olympia (TV Pilot), directed by Hisonni Johnson and Michael Sarnoski

Best Webisode – 40 Episode 3: The Verdict, Michael Breault

Best Documentary – Grace Paley: Collected Shorts, directed by Lilly Rivlin


Audience Awards

Feature – Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream, directed by Benjamin Ironside Koppin

TV Pilot – Olympia (TV Pilot), directed by Hisonni Johnson and Michael Sarnoski

Webisode – Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America, directed by Brooke Forbes

Documentary – Frank & Chip: The Olympic Experience, directed by Dan Frank


Best Director Awards

Best Director of a Feature – Christian Filippella for Silver Case

Best Director of a TV Pilot – Neil Every for Libelle (TV Pilot)

Best Director of a Webisode – Patrick Pope and Bennett Smith for Sweet Mary and Jane

Best Director of a Documentary  - Bill Breithaupt for Burning Man Aqua Burn

Best Screenplay

Wombs: Discovering The Next Dimension, written by Cliff Paris



Best Feature – God Don’t Make the Laws, directed by David Sabbath

Best Short – Journey to Jamaa, directed by Michael Landon Jr.

Best TV – Fight Night Legacy, directed by Hisonni Johnson and Michael Sarnoski

Best Webisode (USA) – The Gaye Family, Ep. 5, directed by Norris Young

Best Webisode (International) – SYD 2030, directed by Tatjana Marjanovic and Alexander Barnett

Best Documentary – After the Violence, directed by Markus F. Adrian
and Anna-Maria Hora


Feature- Ricky, directed by Kevin Wagoner

Short- Walk Like A Man, directed by Nick D’Benedetto

TV  - Inspector Lint Eastwood and the Case of the Missing Sock,
directed by Meg McCarthy

Webisode – Mobsters, Episode 6: Weed Like to Talk to You, directed by
Jeremy Foley


Best Director of a Feature – Daniel Killman for Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific

Best Director of a Short –  Nick D’Benedetto for Walk Like A Man

Best Director of TV – Elias Plagianos for Curse of the Crimson Mask

Best Director of a Webisode – Enrico Natale and Alex Braun for Good Job, Thanks!

Best Director of a Documentary – Roger Weisberg for Money and Medicine


Best Comedy Feature – Ricky, directed by Kevin Wagoner

Best Drama Feature  - God Don’t Make the Laws, directed by David Sabbath

Best Family Feature – Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific, directed by
Daniel Killman


Best Horror Short – Mayhem, directed by Richard Blake

Best Thriller Short – The Third Eye, directed by Dave Bergeson

Best Dark Comedy Short – The Process, directed by Andre Welsh

Best Drama Short – Ticket to Hell, directed by Enrico Natale

Best Comedy Short – Growing Up with Gosling, directed by Zak Stoltz

April 2012 Festival Schedule and Information


Festival screenings will take place exclusively at Raleigh Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA. All guests should arrive at the Van Ness gate, 655 N. Van Ness. Then, proceed to the Chaplin Building.

Parking: There is free street parking available (usually after 6pm), or if parking on the studio lot, guests will be charged $5.00 per car.

TICKETS & BOX OFFICE INFORMATION: Tickets are $12 in advance on  Guests can go to  and type in the name of your film’s title in the ‘search’ box or type in ‘’ .

Or, guests can purchase tickets for $15 at the door (if the screening is not sold out). All screenings are all ages and open to the general public with tickets.

Wednesday, April 11th


Confidential – Beverly Hills

424 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Time: 7pm to 11pm

21 and over.

Thursday, April 12th


Fairbanks Theatre

After the Violence

After The Violence tells of artists from Los Angeles who make it despite a difficult path through life experiences with violence, to live their visions and thus survive in American society today. A critical look at the mechanisms of the city of Los Angeles and a plea for the transformative power of art. Directed by Markus F. Adrian and Anna-Maria Hora. Cast: John Wesley, Jonas Mohr, Kelly Jo Minter, Kevin Morgan, Lil Drawz, Marcos Velasquez, Moses Retna, Oscar Magellanes, Ty Granderson Jones. 82 min. Documentary/Social Issue/Cultural.

Friday, April 13th


Pickford Theatre


Ticket to Hell

An intense journey through one kid's personal struggle, as the 17 year old son of a dying woman fights to manage his mother's pain as well as their ever crumbling home environment all by himself. After losing their medical insurance, the young man turns to a common drug dealer for help. The growing debt to his dealer soon gets away from him, becoming as unmanageable as his poor mother's agonizing pain. First, he sells his body ... then his soul ... and then ... he simply snaps. Directed by Enrico Natale. Cast: Bill Zasadil, Bree Pavey, Damian King, Eric Scott Woods, Ronnie Connell, Stephanie Jones, Zack Matzganis. 15:37 min. Short Film/Drama.


On his last night working security for the extremely wealthy and powerful Fulbright family, Reed Price, a former special forces officer, finds himself forced to make the impossible choice of having to either save the life of his beloved fiance or the lives of the Fulbright family (the family who hired him and has sworn to protect) after a group of armed, masked 'vigilante' killers invade their home. Directed by Richard Blake. Cast: Cameron Daddo, Katelyn Tarver, Marianne Chambers, Richard Blake, Steve Monroe, Tami Powers, Tom Cano. 22:15 min. Short Film/Horror/Thriller.

The Third Eye

An ordinary man is forced to come to terms with his overwhelming guilt. A haunting love story that awakens his resolve to come clean. Directed by Dave Bergeson. Cast: Damon Evans, Daniel Mentz, Hugh Mun, Shalonda Shaw, Sharon King. 23:30 min. Short Film/Drama/Thriller.

The Process

'The Process' is a very very dark comedy about Nathan Baxter, who, after being laid off by his heartless boss from a green energy company, becomes captivated by a self help motivational speaker's 'Process of Empowerment.' The speaker promises Nathan a fantastic life in three days if he can assert himself with those who have harmed him. Through confrontation, Nathan becomes obsessed with revenge and his methods quickly exceed what any self help program would suggest. He goes overboard and confronts everyone and everything that bothers him. How far will Nathan go in order to complete 'the process?' Directed by Andre Welsh.  37 min. Short Film/Dark Comedy.

Friday, April 13th


Fairbanks Theatre



Directed by Hisonni Johnson. :30 seconds.

Winter Olympics Commercial

A baby takes his first step towards Olympic gold. Directed by Anthony Faust. 30sec. Television/Sports.


Inspector Lint Eastwood and the Case of the Missing Sock

Gary, a plain ankle sock, hires Inspector Lint Eastwood to find the whereabouts of his lost love, Jessica. Jessica, a beautiful knee high sock, was last seen in the washer machine. Directed by Meg McCarthy. Cast: Blaire Nichols, Jake Levy, Kristen Riley, Max Scher, Max Perry. 6:50 min. Short Film/Animation/Romantic Comedy.

Wise Guys & These Guys

Deep in the pocket of the mafia, two clueless aspiring actors hopelessly balance their entertainment careers while moonlighting as mobsters. Directed by Dean Mohrmann. Cast: Dean Mohrmann, Joe Pistone, Tom Foley. 8:52 min. Television/Comedy/Crime.

Curse of the Crimson Mask

CURSE OF THE CRIMSON MASK is an anthology series that takes its viewers on a genre smashing adventure. Stories of Crime, Horror, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Mystery are told in multi part episodes through the eyes of surly tough guys who stumble into the thrillingly bizarre world of The Crimson Mask. Directed by Elias Plagianos. Cast: Robert Clohessy, Josh Burrow. 20min. Television/Sci-Fi Fantasy/Thriller.

Change of Plans

 Max is a not-so-starving young artist and wannabe playboy who has never worked a day in his life thanks to his mother's credit card. When she finally cuts him off and forces him to take a job as a substitute teacher, Max tries to score a meeting with one of the biggest art dealers in the world in a last ditch effort to keep his artistic dreams alive. Directed by Mark Banning. Cast: Alex Brightman, Christy Prais, Gene Gallerano, Ismael Peter Casillas, Joe Amato, Lynn Spencer, Natalie Kuhn, Rio Puertollano, Samuel Caruana, Steven Lachioma. 20min. Television/Comedy.

Kimmie’s Kitchen

Kimmie's Kitchen is a television baking show that teaches anyone to become an accomplished baker. The show demonstrates baking and cooking techniques used to make some of the best homemade desserts. Along with the featured recipe, Kimmie's Kitchen will show other ways to change that one recipe into 6 delicious desserts, simultaneously, interviewing and involving celebrity guest stars. Directed by Vernee Watson. Cast: Kimberly Bailey, Wendy Raquel Robinson. 22:30 min. Television/Family.

Fight Night Legacy

When former boxer and ex-con Andre Johnson discovers that his health is failing, he goes home to rebuild the life he left behind, but gets an opportunity to build a future. Directed by Hisonni Johnson and Michael Sarnoski. Cast: Caslin Katsaros, Dan Czerwonka, Dani Lenon, Dio Johnson, Hisonni Johnson, Jack Cuilison, Joseph Sanfelippo, Ski Carr, Tania Nolan, Teddy Garces, Whitney Montgomery. 23:22 min. Televsion/Family/Drama.

Saturday, April 14th


Fairbanks Theatre


Saturday, April 14
12 Noon

God Don’t Make the Laws

In a town frozen in time, a boy with a past comes for a girl with no future. This is the picturesque Village of Rockwell where nobody gets sick; nobody ages, and nobody dies due to a tragic bus crash that took the lives of the 1977 undefeated Rockwell High School Basketball Team. Where basketball was once like religion with the gymnasium symbolic of a cathedral, it has become a Faustian Bargain where the people are never limited by time. Yet, everyone lives unhappily ever after - until the mysterious Hawk Kodiak arrives with a basketball. As the hands of time begin to move forward, fear and resistance arise and the good people of Rockwell discover that time waits for no one. Directed by David Sabbath. Cast: Paul Sorvino, Bruce Davison, Ella Rae Peck, Lucas Salvago,  Robert  Prescott. 100 min. Feature Drama.

Saturday, April 14th


Pickford Theatre


His love life was a million to one shot.

Directed by Kevin Wagoner. Cast: Matt Markey, Sabrina Bolin, Jessica Manuel, Christina Julie Kim, Ernest Heinz, Reila Aphrodite, John Ruby, Jen Reiter. 83 min. Feature Romantic Comedy.

Saturday, April 14th


Pickford Theatre


The Perfect Extra

A comedy about the 'James Bond' of movie extras. When your background actors suck. You call the Perfect Extra to get the job done. Directed by Freddy Hernandez. Cast: April Tramontana, Candace Quirk, Charlie London, Heather Downey, Jeffrey Ashkin, Justine Castorena, Kevin Dowell, Cemo Runyon, Chad Baldree, Kaet Hageman, Kristina Clifford, Patrick Hancock. 7:03 min. Television/Comedy.

Good Job, Thanks!

From the mind of Ryan Glasgow comes a dark comedy starring Stephanie Jones as Hollywood Casting Director Linda Livingston-Black. Be a 'fly on the wall as a Hollywood Casting Director auditions actors. Featuring an amazing line up of guest stars like Jonathan Bennett from 'Mean Girls,' Sandy Martin from 'Napoleon Dynamite,' Kirsten Vangsness from 'Criminal Minds,' Mo Gaffney, and MANY more. 'Good Job, Thanks!' The town just got tougher. Directed by Alex Bram and Enrico Natale. Cast: Jonathan Bennett, Kirsten Vangsness, Mo Gaffney, Renee Pezzotta, Rick Oveton, Sandy Martin, Stephanie Jones. 7:09 min. Television/Comedy.

Mobsters Episode 6: “Weed Like To Talk To You”

The Mobsters are sent to kidnap a drug dealer in order to settle a score, but he ends up taking them on a trip that's more than they bargained for. Directed by Jeremy Foley. Cast: Christopher Titone, Kyle Sabihy, Jim Betterton. 7:49 min. Television/Comedy/Crime.

Raw Heat

Detectives John McHeat and Douglas Rawthorne face off against the corrupt political machine headed by Mayor Barnabie and his thugs. Directed by Sofian Khan. Cast: James Manzo, Michael Rasulo. 10min. Television/Crime.

Wannabe Killer

Meet the world's dumbest serial killer. Directed by Kyle Morrison. Cast: Kevin Dowell, Amol Shah, Jennifer Bond, Lauren Bond, Meg Cionni. 14min. Television/Comedy/Action.

Sunday, April 15th


Fairbanks Theatre


Sunday, April 15th


Fairbanks Theatre


Growing Up with Gosling

You know Ryan...Time to meet Luke. Directed by Zak Stoltz. Cast: Luke Barnett, Ryan Gosling, Carly Craig. 3:59 min. Short Film/Comedy.

Work It Out

Work It Out is a quirky comedy about Lissa, a 30-year-old tomboy who finds herself relocated close to her parents for a new job. Having harrowed a break-up and weathered the move, Lissa finds it easier to hang out with her mom than attempt to rebuild her life. Constant nagging from her mother sends Lissa to a strip aerobics class to make new friends. Will she find acceptance with the perfectly manicured women of Beverly Hills? Or will she have to Work It Out on her own. Directed by Casey Sherrier. Cast: Amy Berrian, Aydrea ten Bosch, Bridgette Patchen, Chelsea Switzer, Hana Lui, Heath Butler, Jennifer Mizener, Jennifer Johnson, Jessica Perkins, Julie Kline, Lori Desiderio, Marissa Shields, Mona Lee Goss, Ryan Barr, Sharon O’Leary-Martin, Zina Moore.10:29 min.Short Film/Romantic Comedy.

The Equity Partners

Fed up with the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement, a vigilante duo rob an investment banking executive in the name of justice. Directed by Alex Chu. Cast: Alex Chu, Eric Jorgenson, Jim Lau, John Kayton. 13:16 min.Short Film/Drama/Social Issue.

Walk like a Man

A goofy dude gets in way too deep with an attractive first date that he learns is actually a drug dealer, who owes some thugs a lot of money. Directed by Nick D’Benedetto. Cast: Andrew Moss, Benjamin Forster, Dina Cataldi, Frank Monteleone. 14:07 min.Short Film/Comedy.

Sunday, April 15th


Pickford Theatre


My Angel My Hero

Former Investment Banker finds his destination when he meets a kid on street dancing who is suffering from Parkinson's disease. Directed by Faizan Sheikh. Cast: Chris Kazi, Dakim Hakeem, Dan Shor, Elizabeth Bove, Faizan Sheikh, Kimberly Dipersia, Sheree Loftus. 19min. Short Film/Drama/Cultural.

Journey to Jamaa

Journey to Jamaa is the true and deeply moving account of the difficult and often dangerous journey two orphaned children are forced to make to find their only remaining family. With their mother's last dying wish to guide them and nowhere else to turn, young Margaret and Derick set out on a journey across Africa that will touch your heart. Produced by World Vision and directed by award winning producer Michael Landon Jr., Journey to Jamaa is a poignant and inspiring story where tragedy and hardship ultimately lead to the discovery of hope, family... and the very heart of God. Directed by Michael Landon Jr. 42:02 min. Short Film/Family/Drama/Cultural.

Monday, April 16th

7:45 pm

Pickford Theatre


Handy Sandie

Handy Sandie is a series of short comedy dramas about a foul mouthed working class girl and the bizarre adventures she finds herself in. Handy Sandie made her first appearance on television and Internet only a year ago and she is already one of the most famous and loved female fictional characters in Ireland. She is one of the lead characters of the phenomenally successful Irish comedy sketch show called The Republic Of Telly which broadcasts on RTE, the national broadcaster of Ireland. Directed by Peter Foott. Cast: Hilary Rose. 3:37 min. Television/Comedy/Drama.

Party Girl Plus One, Episode 1

Candid recounts of love, life and every social dating blunder in between as recorded in the dating diary of a self confessed party girl. Directed by Jennifer Dawson. Cast: Jen Dawson, Vince Pavia, Dave Mishevitz, Doug Swim, Michael Ivaccaro, Michelle Betts, Tamara Tohill, Bel Baca, Bill Ladd, Tommy Taretta, Jake Pavelka, Mike Egan. 4:22 min. Comedy.


Cameron Hunter lives the perfect life - heir to a legal legacy. top of the class, beautiful girlfriend... but even he has secrets. So when his past comes back to get him, how long will it take before the truth is revealed? Directed by Tatjana Marjanovic and Alexander Barnett. Cast:  Tatjana Alexis, Abe Mitchell,  George Harrison,   Johnny Emery,   Laura Benson, Nick Wright, Sophie Luck 5 min. 

Method or Madness, Episode 3

'Method or Madness' is a comedic web series about two New York City actors trying to maintain their dignity despite encountering craziness wherever they turn. Directed by Gerard Bianco, Jr. Cast: Gerard Bianco, Jr., Nikki Gold, Geri Berman. 5 min. Short Film/Comedy.

The Gaye Family, Ep. 5

We're like The Huxtables...with a twist! A family sitcom that challenges gender stereotypes. Leave it Beaver meets The Monsters. Directed by Norris Young. Cast: Bryne Dresher, Michael Boyd. 6:51 min. Television/Comedy.

Hollywood Angels

An international group of goofy 'Angels' are hired to investigate potential cheaters. Directed by John Leach. Created by Elisa Manzini. Cast: Isabel Cueva, Sylvianne Chebance, Barbara Di Mattia, Elisa Manzini, Marc Crumpton. 6:55 min. Television/Comedy.

Extraordinary Episode 1: Amy

Amy is a writer and parkour enthusiast. Watch her scale walls. Directed by Phoebe Hartley. 4:40 min. Documentary/Sports.

300 Seconds, episode 4: My Electroshock

"My Electroshock" offers an unorthodox and personal view on electroshock treatment (ECT) - brought to us though the directors own experiences. It is film number 4 of 6 in the web-series 300 seconds. With 300 seconds we've aspired to launch a series of short documentaries that reach a broad audience and create debate and enthusiasm. We've agreed that our documentaries should strive for quality, clarity and immediacy. At the same time we've wanted to make films that go for an uncompromising and anarchistic approach. Director: Solveig Melkeraaen. 6:40 min. Documentary/News.

Vegan 101, Season 2

The second season stars Oscar-nominated actor, Eric Roberts as Dr. Eaton Wright, in a hilarious look at what happens when Dr. Wright takes the vegan lifestyle by storm with this TV show “Eating Right” to promote vegan awareness inside and outside of the vegan community using risqué and oddball antics. Dr. Wright is joined by his quirky and clingy wife, Erica Sprout-Wright. Directed by Joanne Rose. Cast: Eric Roberts. Music by Keaton Simons. 5 min. Comedy.

Caddie Video

This is a Comedic Web Video. Directed by Michael Slavens. Cast: Jim Conroy, Lawton Paseka, Matt Ballard. 11min: 39sec. Short Film/Comedy.

Tuesday, April 17th

10:00 pm

Fairbanks Theatre

Art Creature: Alby Cohen

Alby Cohen is an audio engineer and music producer working in the thriving Brooklyn recording studio, Rough Magic Studios. Starting from the bottom and working his way up, he now works alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry including, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Adam Deitch and Oteil Burbridge. Directed by Michael Fodera. Cast: Adam Deitch, Alby Cohen, Ben Jurist, Jean Grae, Oteil Burbridge, Talib Kweli, Thomas Bryan Eaton. 6:29 min. Documentary/Cultural

Art Creature: Jeremy Selenfriend

Jeremy Selenfriend is a Special FX Makeup Artist who built his business, Monster In My Closet, from the ground up. Normally switching up genres for any artist is a huge obstacle but Jeremy is doing it with great ease. He began working on super-campy, indie horror films like, MOLD!, which is a throwback to the classic science-fiction movies of the 1950s and went onto other horror films like, 'Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet', 'The Bleeding House' and 'Crazy Eights.' Directed by Michael Fodera. Cast: Frank Sabatella, Holly Selenfriend, Jeremy Selenfriend, Miriam Dalaei, Neil Maschino. 9:38 min. Documentary/Comedy/Sci-Fi Fantasy/Horror.

The Journey of the Arctic Mosque

Islam has become Canada's fastest growing religion. Muslim communities have become entrenched in every major city in the country. But in the past few years, Muslim families have settled North of Canada's Arctic Circle. If the presence of a Muslim community so far North is surprising, it isn't nearly as surprising as the long journey which brought a small mosque to Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories, becoming in the process North America's first Arctic mosque. Directed by Marc Hebert. 13:25 min. Documentary/Cultural/Religion.

Born for the Stage

Born for the Stage documents the efforts of Partnership Resources, Inc, to produce the play Hairspray and it highlights the unexpected pressures, acclaim and attention that the actors, their families and the organization experience. Directed by Matt Ehling. Cast: Norm Munk, John Waters and Tony Award winning producer Marc Shaiman. 26 min. Documentary/Musical/Cultural.

Last In Line

Last in Line, is a documentary about Mexican dogs and the Canadian woman who will do anything to save them. The problem is overwhelming, as hundreds of thousands of street dogs suffer, trying to survive in a hostile environment. For the last ten years Alison Sawyer Current has taken in strays, fought the local government, organized spay and neuter clinics, found loving homes for thousands of dogs, and tried to educate the public. Why save the dogs when children are starving? Because they come Last in Line. Directed by Charles Sawyer. Cast: Alison Sawyer Current, Charles Sawyer, Jeffrey Current. 34:48 min. Documentary.

Wednesday, April 18th


Pickford Theatre

Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific

The night before NAN and POPS move to a retirement community in the rural Midwest, their scattered family reunites. Repressed tensions are provoked revealing unmentionable family secrets. Tensions run high on this emotional night resulting in the discovery of a few skeletons in the closet and unbeknownst plans for the future that change this diasporic family forever. Directed by Daniel Killman. Cast: Berlinda Tolbert, Cal Bartlett, Julianna McCarthy, Lisa Pescia, Max Roeg. 90 min. Feature Drama/Family.

Thursday, April 19th


Fairbanks Theatre

Money and Medicine

As rising health care costs threaten to bankrupt the country, Money and Medicine, examines the medical, ethical, and financial challenges of containing runaway health care spending. Directed by Roger Weisberg. 85 min. Documentary.

LA Film, TV & Webisode Festival


1st Place Screenplay - The Most Famous Man No One Has Heard Of, written by Carlton Witherell

2nd Place Screenplay - The Legend of McCoy Mountain & The Gold 45 Revolver, written by Elliot McGucken

3rd Place Screenplay - Hybrids, written by Tony Schweikle

4th Place Screenplay - The Black Grail, written by Keith Russell

5th Place Screenplay - The Good Judge, written by Linda Friedman Ramirez

Best Teleplay - Selling Death, written by Zac Hogle

Best Short Screenplay - The Purple Fairytale, written by Michael Rutkowski

Honorable Mention - The Song Remains the Same, written by Henry Trigueros


A Perfect Virtue, written by Alex Puchall

Cancer Interruptus, written by Julie Livingston

The Most Famous Man No One Has Heard Of, written by Carlton Witherell

The Song Remains the Same, written by Henry Trigueros

Diamond Express, written by Kyle Curry

On Any Other Day, written by Lee Vehe

The Legend of McCoy Mountain & The Gold 45 Revolver, written by Elliot McGucken

Heart of a Family, written by Sharon Duncan

No Woman Left Behind, written by Stoyan Kolev

Hybrids, written by Tony Schweikle

Outbreak: Prohibition, written by Evan Kail, Scott Huculak

The Good Judge, written by Linda Friedman Ramirez

The Black Grail, written by Keith Russell

Frazzled, written by Mark Winzer

Selling Death, written by Zac Hogle

Totally Awesome Dude: Tad Saves the Arcade, written by Ryan Magnon

Tears of Eternity, written by John Michael Pearson

The Purple Fairytale, written by Michael Rutkowski

Fall Out, written by Michael Gold

LoveBrands, written by Nicola Pedrozzi

Camel, written by Frank Sterpin